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We Coach & Debrief The Healthcare Professionals & Teams Who Care for All of Us


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Leadership: We provide coaching to develop and enhance your leadership style which includes coaching for performance, professional development and facilitative and solution focused leadership skills.

Team Building: One of the biggest challenges in healthcare involves communicating and coordinating care for patients and families across all levels of care. We can help your team to interact collaboratively and cohesively to foster retention, teamwork and care.

Life – Career Balance: Life coaching can assist you with supporting your life – career balance which includes time management, wellness and the mission / vision of your life and legacy. We can also assist you with managing relationships, career transitions, or developing an exit strategy for your career.

Coaching: Our team at RN.Coach provides individual and team coaching tailored specifically for your needs. We work with healthcare Professionals and teams who are interested in developing the skills and strategies necessary to communicate effectively and tactfully with patients and families within fast-paced, healthcare environments.

Customer Service – HCAHPS: Do you need assistance elevating your HCAHPS results? We excel with providing training for your team to assist you with elevating customer service and care for patients and families. Contact us today to review your successes, challenges, strategies (and yes – your scores) to assist you with developing and implementing a service excellence strategy for your team.

Process Improvement in Fast-Paced Healthcare Systems: In hospitals and clinics across the country, Nurses, Physicians and healthcare teams frequently struggle with the provision of care for patients with severe mental illnesses (including addictions). Patients may not have the resources available to them to access the care and support they need. Additionally, patients and families may become frustrated if they are not able to access support quickly. This frustration can lead to challenges such as ED recidivism and more lengthy stays in your department.

We Coach & Debrief the Healthcare Professionals Who Care for All of Us!

Who Are We? Our team at RN.Coach assists nurses (RN), physicians (MD, DO, PA) and healthcare teams with enhancing the knowledge, insight and / or resources your team needs to work collaboratively and cohensively with the patients and families in their care while reducing wait times, lengthy time-in-departments, multi-recidivism and stress. 

What We Do: We can also assist with developing the strategies necessary to help maintain the tight communication needed to foster safety for patients, families and your clinical team while not compromising patient experience and service.

Need us to come to you to facilitate a training or debriefing? Contact us by clicking the link below and let us know how we can assist in coaching you and your leadership team or providing a training to your organization.

Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you would benefit from any of the coaching or debriefing services listed above. 

All of our coaching and debriefing services are strictly confidential with our primary goal being to assist you with navigating your life and career in a manner which is in line with your professional and personal goals and needs.

Our Coaching Package: Our flat monthly coaching package is $475.00. This includes 1 weekly coaching session (1 hour) and a comprehensive review of your LinkedIN profile. 

Our Debriefing Package: The cost for a debriefing is $75.00 which consists of a 1 hour debriefing followed by a complementary follow up call or teleconference at a time agreed upon by you and your coach. 

Speaking or Training: If you are interested in obtaining a training or having a member of our team come to speak at your hospital or clinic, let us know and we will submit a proposal to you based specifically on your defined needs.

We accept all major credit cards and electronic payment via PayPal or Apple Pay.

Thanks & Free E-book: Thank you for your consideration in allowing us the opportunity to coach or debrief you or your team. We look forward to working with you!

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